Monday, June 28, 2010


My name is Sylvia and I am a food obsessed, cooking obsessed restaurant lover living in Montreal. I am creating this blog, a project I have been think of starting for a while, to combine two of my greatest passions: food and writing. Montreal Foodism will be a sort of diary of the foods I make, my recipes, restaurants I go to and other food related words. My restaurant reviews will mostly come from my home city of Montreal and anywhere else my travels take me!

I look at cooking as a creative outlet. I use my creative energy to make something edible. What is a more fulfilling way to experience the fruit of your labour than to eat it? I love to travel and take in new cultures and experiences, and I can't think of a better way to feel and understand a culture than to experience it through tasting its food.

While I see food as a way to experience culture, express love, welcome or enjoyment with others and express creativity, I also see it as a way to nourish and take care of ones self. I think what we put into our bodies is the most important factor in our health. I am a strong believer in preventative medicine through nutrition and lifestyle. While I do tend to eat for health, I think that healthful, whole, pure foods can be the most delicious and satiating foods. I am interested in vegan and raw foods, and love to experiment with these cuisines. When I cook for myself I almost always create vegan dishes. I love the pure simple flavours and the way they make me feel fresh, satisfied and vibrant. That said, I don't characterize myself as a vegan, because I do eat animal products if I feel like it. Because for the most part I don't eat dairy I find myself often going for vegan options. It doesn't work for me to be dogmatic about how I eat, so while I very rarely cook with dairy, I will occasionally enjoy a cappuccino with cow's milk when their are no dairy alternatives available. But for the most part I avoid it because it doesn't agree with my digestion and body.

So that is my introduction to the blog, my eating philosophies. I hope you check back often to see recipes, reviews, my thoughts, inspirations, stories and experiments related to food, and to share yours back with me!

Some snaps of food I have recently enjoyed:

Miso soup with green onion, spinach quinoa bean salad, and quinoa smoked salmon nori rolls.

Tomato stew with potato, spinach and swiss chard over brown rice.

Broccoli and tofu stir fry over brown rice.

Tuna steak marinated in lemon, garlic ginger and dill. With steamed asparagus, wild rice and kale salad.

Bon Appetit!

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